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Most would call a chainmail shirt just that. But it is really called a Byrnie. The characteristic of a Byrnie is that it extends to the waist, unlike an haubergon or an hauberk. The byrnie below has elbow length sleeves and has a tightly closed neck hole.

My byrnies as you know, extend to the waist and can be fitted with arms. The work is done in the 4:1 European pattern or Oriental patterns in 14 guage galvonized steel. That steel is my primary metal but I will use others if that is the customer's wish. My byrnies consist of approximately 6500 rings (no sleeves) and can range up to 14300 rings (adult size small) with sleeves. My design of sleeves hang down a lot more than needed to add a more majestic look. In some cases (like my personal suit) short sleeves can be as large as 60% of the byrnie itself (both sleeves). I will make tighter sleeves if you so desire them, or bigger, whatever the case. All the work is custom made to fit the individual and is well suited for boffer combat and show.

Sleeveless byrnie: $250
Short-sleeve byrnie: $350 (sleeves only 30%)
Long-sleeve byrnie: $450(sleeves only 30%)
Short-sleeve byrnie: $450 (low hanging sleeves-60% of shirt)
Long-sleeve byrnie: $600 (low hanging sleeves-120% of shirt)
Bishop's byrnie: $400 (it is a mantle that turns into a shirt, no sleeves but mantle overhang, looks very majestic)
Tight neck hole (optional): $30

*Prices may change due to size of individual

Byrnies (Waist shirts)

Haubergons (Mid-thigh length shirts)

Hauberks (Knee length shirts)

Coifs (head protection)

Mantles (neck protection)

Arm and hand armor

Leg protection

Miscellaneous chainmail items

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