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Cottage directions

Ok, first thing's first. Get yourself a map! These directions will help clarify the route better, but a map will help immeasurably.

The cottage is located on Lake Kennisis, just outside the town of Haliburton. It is approx. 3h from Toronto, so it will take you about 3h+ depending on where you live. The first thing you need to do is make your way to HWY #48. Take the 404 until it ends at Green Lane. Exit here and go right (east), at the lights take a left (Woodbine). Take this until you get to Ravenshoe road, then make a right. Eventually you will get to HWY # 48, make a left (there are stop lights). Take this highway north until you pass sutton, etc. Eventually, it will merge with HWY #12, keep going on HWY #12/48 until 48 branches off on its own again. Follow 48. Near Coboconk, you will meet up with HWY #35. Take this north (a left). Keep driving on until you hit Carnarvon. You then take HWY #118 east, a right. Follow this until you reach West Guilford (13 km away). Turn left onto County rd. #7. Whatever you do, just keep following this road. It will turn into Wilkinson rd. at one point, just ignore the name. When you hit an end, and need to go left (north rd.) or right (little kennisis rd.), take a left and head towards Kennisis Lake. Soon after, you will pass a bridge, the first of three. Be careful with your driving since the roads are narrower, of lower grade ashphalt, and are very windy, don't go over 20km over speed limit, trust me. You will pass two more bridges and then you will make a left at Alexandra dr. (now Champlain). You know you have gone too far when you hit the end of the road and meet up with a dam. Anyway, after the three bridges, make left on Alexandra. Drive down this sand road and make a right at the first turn. Drive for a bit, go around 2 corners, and we are on the right, have a gravel driveway, and a 2 car garage. Sina's car will be in the attractive and shapely driveway. The number there is:
(705) 754-1836

Point form version for idiots (i.e.: all those attending)
- Find HWY# 48, go north
- HWY# 48 will merge with #12, follow it
- HWY# 48 will split, follow 48
- At Coboconk, take HWY# 35 north, a left I think.
- At Carnarvon, take HWY# 118 east, a right.
- 13km away, at West Guilford, take County rd. #7, a left.
- Keep following this until you need to go either left or right, go left.
- Pass the 3 bridges.
- If you see a dam, you've gone too far.
- Right after third bridge (30sec drive), take left at Alexandra dr.
- Make first right (you either go straight or right)
- We are at #226
- The number is (705) 754-1836