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McDonald's Regional/Restaurant Careers
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An Employer of Opportunity
At McDonald's, a job is never just a job. Both employees of McDonald's Corporation and employees of McDonald's Independent Franchisees know that working at a McDonald's restaurant provides them with a wealth of experience and skills, including:McDonald's Skills Circle

The experience and skills employees gain at McDonald's restaurants can take them places: from hourly crew to restaurant management... to middle management... to careers beyond, in just about any field of work anywhere.

In the restaurant, there's a clearly defined career path with McDonald's Corporation or McDonald's Independent Franchisees, from Crew Member to Hourly Manager to Salaried Manager to Restaurant Manager. From Restaurant Manager, McDonald's Corporation and McDonald's Independent Franchisees offer a number of different opportunities. Area Supervisor is the most common next step, responsible for overseeing the operations of multiple restaurants. From there, the possibilities are almost limitless: employees can progress to jobs within the corporation, or can join the ranks of McDonald's licensees -- one third of whom started their careers with McDonald's behind the front counter as crewmembers.

"At McDonald's, our employees are the best advertisement we have for the tremendous potential we offer".
Tens of millions of Americans got their start in the job market at McDonald's. Some of them went on to become TV personalities, movie stars, professional athletes, teachers, skilled trades people, business executives, artists or professionals. In fact, fully two-thirds of the people in middle- and upper-management at McDonald's Corporation started as crew in a McDonald's restaurant.

McDonald's offers opportunities to everyone: from teenagers to older workers... people just entering the workforce to people re-entering the workforce later in life... people with disabilities... people seeking just a few hours of work per week and those seeking full-time positions.

McDonald's Corporation and McDonald's Independent Franchisees take very seriously their pledge to provide a positive, productive work environment in each McDonald's restaurant across the country and throughout the world. This commitment has earned McDonald's wide acclaim. McDonald's has received numerous awards for our commitment to providing positive opportunities and leading-edge training: Awards

  • "Employer of Choice Award," Restaurant Business Magazine -1995
  • "Optimas Award," Personnel Journal
  • "Corporate Responsibility Award," The Parenting Institute
  • "Top 100 Employers," The Black Collegian Survey
  • "President's Club," National Down Syndrome Congress
As well as commendations from:
  • American School Counselor Association
  • National Association of Secondary School Principals
  • Council on Hotel, Restaurant and Institutional Education
  • Recognition like this tells us that jobs at McDonald's restaurants are more than just a paycheck. A McDonald's job can lead to a great career anywhere. McDonald's Corporation and McDonald's Independent Franchisees are committed to providing equal opportunity for employment and advancement to everyone. But more than just a job, "McDonald's Means Opportunities."

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