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Expectations of a McDonald's 
Restaurant Employee
What We Expect

We are a quick service restaurant business committed to 100% satisfaction. McDonald's Independent Franchisees and Company-Owned restaurants serve over 22 Million customers every day around the world. Each and every one of these customers deserves great service from the moment they approach the counter or drive-thru window until they leave the restaurant. We depend on the employees in the restaurant, whether employed by an independent franchisee or by McDonald's Corporation, to provide a fast friendly and courteous experience to all guests so they will visit us again and again. That's why McDonald's Independent Franchisees and McDonald's Corporation look for individuals who like to have fun while delivering fast accurate and friendly service. If you are interested in becoming a part of a McDonald's Team, here are some of the duties that could be required of you. 
Neat and Clean ImageOn Time, Neat and CleanNeat and Clean Image
Our crewmembers are expected to report to work on time, neat and clean.
Wash Your Hands ImageWash Your Hands ImageWash Your Hands
The most important thing crewmembers
do to help make sure our customers receive safe food is to wash their hands often.Wash Your Hands Image

Skills and Training
Training will provide you with the skills you'll need to perform your job. 
Skills and Training Image
Crewmembers follow standard operational procedures so customers always receive exceptional quality & service. 
Standards Image
Teamwork Image Teamwork
Our crewmembers rely on teamwork and high energy to get the job done. 

Spotless, Tidy, Sparkling, ImageSpotless, Tidy, Sparkling
Spotless... Tidy... Sparkling. Our
customers expect every McDonald's
will be clean. 

Welcomed Guest ImageWelcomed Guest
Our crewmembers make each customer
feel like a welcomed guest.

We depend on our crewmembers to deliver fast, accurate and friendly service with a smile.
Service Image
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