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Miscellaneous items
These are just some of the things I sell, really nothing big or special here but very much the same high quality, just not as expensive. Imagine that, I pair of battle ready earrings!

Earrings- Any shape size or pattern
Necklaces- Any shape size or pattern
Bracelets, anklets- Any shape, size, pattern

Pants: $600
Shorts: $400
Bikinis: $150

Miscellaneous armor
Bracers (protection for forearm): $40

Greaves (can be attached to shin pads): $200
Gauntlets (back side only): $150/pair
Gauntlets (full, all round): $250/pair
Belt (flat): $40
Belt (round): $60
Sheaths (variable-custom): $varies
Sash (3 row): $80
Sash (6 row): $160
Sash (9 row): $240
Any other row size-inquire

Byrnies (Waist shirts)

Haubergons (Mid-thigh length shirts)

Hauberks (Knee length shirts)

Coifs (head protection)

Mantles (neck protection)

Arm and hand armor

Leg protection

Miscellaneous chainmail items

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