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Shirts and Hauberks
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Hauberk is another word for a chainmail shirt except it is down do the knees. My preference is that it extends slightly below the waist to allow more protection and style. Below is my personal suit of armor which would cost about $1100US. It has short sleeves which are linked in the armpits, and has a full length skirt attached to the waist, with an overlap to make it look good. My suit is also 20% larger than what is meant for me to allow easy (un)dressing, comfortability and more freedom of movement. Scroll below the picture to read more details on shirts and skirts.

My hauberks extend from the neck to just below the waist. The average weight for a hauberk is about 20bls. and is appox. 7000-10000 rings. With sleeves, you can choose if you want to have the armpits open, which is more historically sound, or have them closed which will tighten the armpits a little more but offer just that extra protection. I only charge $15 more to close the pits so its not really a pressing decision. If you add a skirt to the shirt (attached) you will need to get the whole suit altered to give the waist, which is now twice as thick, more room. Full long skirts extend just below the knee and long skirts extend just above the knee. You can also get a full length skirt which extends to the ankles but tends to be rather hefty, despite the heavy protection. You can also add 'slits' which allow legs to exit and enter the skirt for riding or simply extra room. Below is a list of the prices of shirts and skirts. And remember, if you have an idea in mind, just ask, it might look really good.

Basic sleeveless waist shirt: $400
Short sleeve waist shirt: $550
Long sleeve waist shirt: $700
*'Bishop's hauberk'*: $500
Closed armpits: $15
*The Bishop's hauberk is a name I created for a shirt/mantle. This is a sleeveless shirt but is a mantle which continues into a shirt, which has arm holes. It is really impressive.

*Mini skirt (extends half-way down thigh): $275
*Lenth skirt (just above the knee): $375
*Full length (just below the knee): $415
*Crusader (half-way down leg): $500
*Full long skirt (down to ankles): $700

Shirt/Skirt combos
Tunic shirt (down to mid-thigh)
-(without sleeves): $675
-(short sleeves): $825
-(long sleeves): $975
-(Bishops hauberk): $775
Length shirt
-(without sleeves): $775
- (short sleeves): $925
- (long sleeves): $1075
-(Bishops hauberk): $875
Full length shirt
-(without sleeves): $815
- (short sleeves): $965
- (long sleeves): $1115
-(Bishops hauberk): $915
Crusader shirt
-(without sleeves): $900
- (short sleeves): $1050
- (long sleeves): $1200
-(Bishops hauberk): $1000
Full ankle shirt
-(without sleeves): $1100
- (short sleeves): $1250
- (long sleeves): $1400
-(Bishops hauberk): $1200

*Prices will change if you want expansions in the skirts.

Whats an expansion? Well its when you add an extra ring when your not suppose to so that the skirt will get bigger to allow you to move your legs more freely. This can also be accomplished by making slits.

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