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Here you see one of the styles of mantles I have made. Mantles are commonly associated with Bishops because in the medieval period, these religious figures would wear a cloth mantle, and the Templars (a religious order of knights) would use the mantles but in armor form. For details on the mantle, scroll below the picture.

This piece you see above is an average adult sized mantle with a span of 'peak to peak' of about 55cm or 22in. This mantle will protect the upper torso and all of the shoulders. If desired, it can fall over shoulders slightly to add a 'majestic' and more fierce look. This particular mantle has peaks or points which add efficacity in protection and show. Other mantles may be made to have a 'rounded' look, where the mantle is more or less in the shape of an oval or circle. This piece is made of 14 guage galvonized steel and can withstand true punishment, deflecting blades by rolling them off. Other mantles I have seen have only a span of about 25-30cm or 10-12in. Which I am ashamed to say is hardly any protection at all, and of my opinion, looked very bad as a show piece. All my mantles of this relative size and pattern are indeed great pieces to add to that unfinished suit or collection. All my work is custom made to fit the customer, and I service and alter ALL of my pieces. If you have any special preference or idea in mind, I will create the piece to fit your needs.

Peaked mantle(22inch): $125
Rounded mantle(22inch): $135

*Prices may change due to size of individual

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