Arm and hand protection

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Here you will find things like gussets, gauntlets, bracers, detachable sleeves, etc. Most of the things here are relatively inexpensive but provide much needed protection.

Arm protection
Detachable sleeves (short): $150
Detachable sleeves (long): $300
Gusset (short): $250
Gusset (long): $350

Forearm protection
Slit bracer 4:1 : $40
Step vambrace 4:1 : $55
Step vambrace 6:1 : $200

Pics of 4-1 and 6-1 bracers.

Hand Protection
Top covered guantlets: $100
Top and back wrist covered guantlets: $150

*Prices may change due to size of individual

Byrnies (Waist shirts)

Haubergons (Mid-thigh length shirts)

Hauberks (Knee length shirts)

Coifs (head protection)

Mantles (neck protection)

Arm and hand armor

Leg protection

Miscellaneous chainmail items

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