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Hauberks are 'shirts' that extend down to the knee. They usually have 'slits' that give more comfortability and ease of motion to the legs. They provide good protection and is considered a complete suit. A full hauberk with slits looks very good with a pair of greaves and a sword.

This hauberk is shown with full sleeves that are somewhat tight. It has a front and a back slit for maneuverabilty and has a tight neck hole. You may choose to have slits in the front and back(preferable for walking), the sides (good for riding), or both. This will protect your whole torso, and the full thigh area. This piece, like all our pieces, is battle ready for boffer combat and makes a great showpiece.

Sleeveless hauberk: $450
Short-sleeve hauberk: $500 (sleeves only 30%)
Long-sleeve hauberk: $550 (sleeves only 30%)
Short-sleeve hauberk: $550 (low hanging sleeves-60% of shirt)
Long-sleeve hauberk: $650 (low hanging sleeves-120% of shirt)
Bishop's hauberk: $650 (it is a mantle that turns into a shirt, no sleeves but mantle overhang, looks very majestic)
Tight neck hole (optional): $30

*Prices may change due to size of individual

Byrnies (Waist shirts)

Haubergons (Mid-thigh length shirts)

Hauberks (Knee length shirts)

Coifs (head protection)

Mantles (neck protection)

Arm and hand armor

Leg protection

Miscellaneous chainmail items

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