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Haubergons look like t-shirts too long for the wearer. This is essentially what they are. The haubergon is a shirt that descends to the mid-thigh of the wearer. It is still a 'shirt' because it does not have slits but protects the wearer's buttocks and upper thighs, and not to mention, the groin.

The haubergon is heavier than the byrnie because of its size and weighs down more on the shoulders. The circumference remains the same of the torso throughout the piece unless the waist is bigger than the chest. In that case, we would have to enlarge the lower part and assemble it seperately. Unfortunately, this costs extra. This piece, like all our pieces, is battle ready for boffer combat and is a great showpiece.

Sleeveless haubergon: $350
Short-sleeve haubergon: $400 (sleeves only 30%)
Long-sleeve haubergon: $450 (sleeves only 30%)
Short-sleeve haubergon: $450 (low hanging sleeves-60% of byrnie)
Long-sleeve haubergon: $600 (low hanging sleeves-120% of byrnie)
Bishop's haubergon: $500 (it is a mantle that turns into a shirt, no sleeves but mantle overhang, looks very majestic)
Tight neck hole (optional): $30

*Prices may change due to size of individual

Byrnies (Waist shirts)

Haubergons (Mid-thigh length shirts)

Hauberks (Knee length shirts)

Coifs (head protection)

Mantles (neck protection)

Arm and hand armor

Leg protection

Miscellaneous chainmail items

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